What have I been doing lately?

I have a strong interest in Data analysis / Data Science / Data Analytics / Business Intelligence so I have been completing my current project on digital currencies, finishing an MBA with honors in Barcelona and expanding  my knowledge in Artificial Intelligence applied to business needs.



What type of experience do I have?

  • Automating information extraction
  • Performing comprehensive data-analysis on large datasets
  • Developing autonomous Python applications
  • Implementing predictive learning models and algorithms (Machine Learning, Deep Learning)
  • Uploading models to cloud servers, like AWS
  • Managing teams and projects (where necessary)
  • Presenting information to stakeholders to enhance decision-making

Project Manager / Scrum Master

My experience also includes recruiting, training and coaching colleagues, as well as managing different projects using Agile methodology.
My initial goal is always to produce a viable MVP, and then to carefully manage and prioritize the workflow to enable the team to move fast and deliver high quality results on time and on budget, improving with every iteration in the process.
I also make sure I eliminate any obstacles the team may encounter on our common path to success.

Experienced. Flexible. Capable.

I am a well-rounded, practical and creative individual who thrives on teamwork and learns new concepts fast.
My previous experience enables me to successfully perform under pressure, multitask, solve organizational problems and remain organized myself.
Having lived in the UK for many years, I am fully bilingual Spanish-English. I speak, write...and think in English. I also understand 90% of what I am told in French, Portuguese and Italian, although my French is a bit rusty these days!
Bonus: I have a history of positive interpersonal relationships with superiors, peers, customers and the public.
I am also as comfortable doing a multimedia presentation for a room full of people or clients, as I am seating on my own writing code for several hours...

What is my "stack"?


I always strive to use the right tool for the job, delivering  accurate results we can act upon internally, or to fulfill stakeholderĀ“s needs. I am not an expert in any of these tools, but know how to use them to obtain results.

I am always learning more on how to do things better, faster and smarter.


Python is my programming language due to its flexibility. I use it to automate office processes, extract large amounts of information from public and private databases, automate Google searches, to automate the finding of emails...


It is my tool of choice to manipulate information, due to its flexibility. I use it to detect outliers in big data sets, visualize interesting patterns, find correlations, compare different datasets and much more.


SQL is part of my legacy stack.
I use it to create databases, import, manipulate and export information. Very useful to rapidly interact with and extract specific information from interconnected tables.


Machine Learning

Among other things, I have used ML models to help a marketing department target the right customers, with the right promotion, at the right time.

Deep Learning

I have used DL models in the analysis of financial data related to digital currencies (time series - prediction of market direction aimed at increasing Alpha).


I have created EC2 instances containing Linux OS, then uploaded Docker images containing machine learning classification models to the cloud.


I use Git to keep on top of code changes from myself and others, get ideas and inform others of the changes I make.

Other tools

I love exploring and learning about new tools that let me work faster and smarter. Weka, Tableau, "plain old" HTML and Photoshop...they can all be useful for specific things at specific times!

To know more, request a full CV or arrange a meeting with me you can contact me on: