Beautiful tsunami: understanting life and thriving in the age of AI (2022)

Business / Future trends - English - 100 pages (Free PDF download)


A beautiful tsunami - Javier Marti

Free download "Beautiful tsunami: understanting life and thriving in the age of AI (2022)" (PDF, 100 pages)


"Beautiful Tsunami: navigating and thriving in the age of AI" is Javier’s fourth book, and his second book on future trends. In this book, we will delve into the rapidly advancing world of artificial intelligence and its impact on the job market, society, and our daily lives. As AI and automation technologies continue to replace many human jobs, it is crucial for individuals and businesses to understand and adapt to these changes in order to succeed in this new age.

Through expert insight and practical advice, this book will provide you with the tools you need to navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by the AI revolution. We will explore strategies for staying competitive in the face of increasing automation and ways to leverage AI to increase efficiency and productivity.

Whether you are a worker, business owner, or simply curious about the impact of AI on our world, this book has something for you. So join Javier on this exciting journey as we learn together how to "surf the beautiful tsunami" and thrive in the age of AI and automation.

"Mobile, domains and the future" (2007)

Business / Future trends - English - 347 pages (Free PDF download)



Free download "Mobile, domains and the future" (PDF, 347 pages)


Always fascinated about the future, Javier used to spend long evenings in the library reading about all sorts of subjects from an early age. Little did he know at the time that he would live on the verge of a historical time, wtinessing the advent of bionic-eyes technology, gene therapy, life extension in animals, advanced prosthetic limbs capable of feeling, cheap solar energy, driverless cars, quantum computers, artificial memories in mice, machine learning, 3D printing, artificially grown organs, nanoscale computer components...

A book ahead of its time

Javier's ever-lasting passion for the future, coupled with his travels and experiences, enable him to be "one step ahead", and he has learned to share his experiences with others through his writing and presentations.

Javier is the author of the book "Mobile, Domain and The Future", and an avid follower and forecaster of trends through his blog, featuring more than 2000 posts on a wide range of topics from Psychology to Robotics.

At a time when we found ourselves living the days of "irrational exuberance" and Yahoo and mySpace were the second and third most visited websites on the Internet, Javier was already way ahead of the curve...


Javier's predictions on "Mobile, domains and the future"
Through his writings on the book "Mobile, Domains and The Future", in 2006 Javier predicted several important current trends, including...


Using our mobile phones as our main computer interface

" In fact, our mobile phone will soon have all the capabilities of current UMPCs and desktop computers and more, because in the future, your phone has become your main computer."
(as of March 2017, Samsung�s DeX accessory goes on sale, turning the Samsung Galaxy S8 into a PC)

The current economic depression, and the contagious spread of banking insolvency leading to the collapse of Lehman Brothers.

"Let me tell you a little secret�
Put simply, many more banks and governments than ever before are, already, technically broke.
Depending on where you live, in some countries much of the money needed to run certain cities at the municipal level for many years to come, is gone. Much of the money needed for citizen's pensions�is gone. Much of the money needed to subsidize government programs, provide unemployment benefits or vocational training, build roads and hospitals�is also gone. And these are just a few examples of what is there to come. Remember that this is your money in the bank, your pension, and your hospital�"

Taxation on virtual goods:

"Regulators are late on this issue, but with the explosion on mobile transactions in the coming years, I can see them speeding up the efforts to work on a unified front."
(as of April 2012, started charging taxes in the state of Texas)

Growing social networks influence on search:

"The growing popularity of social networking sites is influencing not only the products consumers buy, but also the path they take to obtain those products, including the websites they visit."

The global reach of the current recession and its effect on mental health:

"In any case, the worst thing about the crash to come is not the economic impact of it, or the fact that it will spread quickly, affecting more people, in more places than ever before, at once. The worst aspect of this problem will be the psychological impact that this situation will have on individuals that are today totally unprepared for such a state of things."
Javier also predicted the expansion of Google "surrounding us with their services", the decline of desktop PCs against mobile applications...and outlined innovations that would affect the value of domain names including: voice input, predictive input, social network, and geo-detection. He also brought our attention to the growing market consolidation that we have seen happening in the last few years's technology landscape, leading to a "winner takes it all" situation in which small companies find it increasingly difficult to compete, survive and thrive.
"provided that you can spend enough money associating your service with your website in peoples' minds. Usually it is just a matter of time before "online videos" equals "youTube" and "online auction" equals "eBay" on consumer's minds."

Javier on the emergence of Google local and mobile apps:

"As things are today, it would be fair to assume that Internet portals like Google and Yahoo would have the upper hand on how we access information in the future. After all, if their search apps trace our mobile phone signals and user id, finds the nearest train station, then displays the timetable and prices, reducing the need to tap keys or search web pages�how many people will resist using them, going back to the old way of searching information?"

The emergence and consolidation of "FREE" as a business model, in exchange for personal data.
This was predicted way before Google captured a big portion of the website analytics and mapping markets with their "free" applications:

"Regardless of the moral implications of providing things for free, or the quality of the content provided, it is clear that free products are here to stay. Even if the provision by individuals of free services in an open, globalized, networked and capitalist economy could be regulated -it cannot- companies have always been using the "free" concept for a long time in their promotions in exchange for personal data, market research information, or even just the possibility that the prospect that uses a free product today may pay for it tomorrow. Thus, it is important that when analyzing an industry to get in as content providers, we pay close attention to the vulnerabilities of that particular industry to the "free" model, or at least, pay close attention to any new entrant in our market that offers a free or subsidized business model."

The current global depression and the effects of automation in the workforce

In April 2004, a full eight years before technological unemployment articles were common, Javier wrote the essay "Your Job will go too...but you can do something about it" -forecasting the current economic crisis, and the impact of offshore outsourcing and automation on job stability. In July 2006, it was featured in the website.

Javier's diverse articles on other areas have also been featured on a wide range of websites, earning him "expert status".

In 2007, Javier published several articles on different business, technology and future-related subjects, including business strategy, robotization and the future, the effects of social networking on small businesses and society, Google, Facebook, Digg, the Apple iPhone and domain name strategies for success.


Free download "Mobile, domains and the future" (PDF, 347 pages)

Today Javier continues sharing his knowledge and insight on Twitter @javiermarti

What readers say about the book "Mobile, domains and the future"

�Mobile, Domains & The Future� is an extremely interesting and well-researched journey through the mobile world from a business, future-oriented and sociological perspective.� Amazing book. Thank you�
�Javier�s in depth treatment of the subject in this, as of yet, fully undefined medium, is both a benchmarking tome, as well as a primary expose of a watershed communications genre, as it emrges. His Joycerian, stream of consciousness-type delivery, in a somehwat rambling repartee, allows for a mechanism that makes the reader feel as if Javier were explaining this directly at the kitchen table. Whlle English may not be his native tongue, he has certainly captured the esentials of the effective communique. He is to be rounded applauded for delivering a dichotmous work that has the utility of foreseeing a medium while also serving as a reference guide of substantial documenation.�
Dr. Francis John Maguire, PhD

�Javier Marti�s book, �Mobile, Domains & The Future�, is a landmark moment in our understanding of the emerging mobile internet. The mobile internet is here now. Its growing rapidly. It is likely to be the dominant driver of commerce, business, and social interaction, within a very few years. Like all new frontiers, its tempting to think of mobile technology as simply a variation of our past internet experience. Javier shows us that it is not. The mobile web will require new thinking, new strategies, new ways to present & deliver information, goods & services. And, new ways of interacting with the consumer�.Javier shows us how the mobile web is a new paradigm. This book is �absolute must� reading, imo�It will help you understand this new medium, at this early stage of its development � and, may well open the door for you to gain a serious competitive edge�because you will �know� the things � that many do not. I commend this book to you all.�
Chris Aston James

�Superb overview of tomorrows world, defining the kind of technological environment that we are willingly yet maybe unwittingly letting ourselves in for�. fascinating, exciting but also frightening at times. A �must read� book on a subject which needs to be understood by anyone looking to plan ahead.�
Gary Bartlett aka Newdomainer

�Javier has written an in depth book covering what many believe is a controversial subject. A quick look through domain forums will certainly affirm this. I don�t believe there has ever been such an uproar in the domaining world as what we have witnessed with the introduction of a top level domain expressly designed for a specific purpose � .mobi Javier has tackled this subject, as well as the mobile internet itself with a combination of facts, figures and foresight. The long hours and research have paid off. The mobile internet is and will be different from the full web experience PC browsing we know today. Javier does a wonderful job covering the subject. A must read for anyone interested in what the future of the Internet has in store.�
Mark Bennett

�Interesting blend of topics in this book, mobile industry, mobile web and .mobi domains. Three very different things but very much connected. Good to see one book looking at the full picture.�

"Awesome book about. Great job!"

�Your book is a very complete and exhaustive resource for domain experts and mobile industry experts at the same time, and you should be congratulated for this depth and balance.�
Steve Epstein

�In his book Mobile, Domains & the Future, Javier Marti a futurist talk about the �magic wand�. He say it is your mobile / cell phone (I still want to know why we call it a cell phone in South Africa) and I totally agree with him, I personally think it is best ever invention ever developed in the world. (�) If you have any interest in the mobi market this book is a must read�

�I�ve had the opportunity to get to know Javier on the forum this past year, and have learned that he is quite good at spotting trends and connecting the dots for what the future may hold in mobile technology and the societal impact it will have on us all.�


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