"The Carnegie Club of St Andrews is delighted to have had the opportunity to host Mr.Javier Marti, CEO and founder of Bitcoin Global Investments, at the Entrepreneurship in the Digital Age Conference. Mr. Marti is not your typical key-note speaker. Bold and outspoken, he unflinchingly addresses political and socio-economic issues of today and relates them effortlessly to the relevancy of Bitcoin. His direct approach is interesting and engaging, captivating the audience for the full duration of his presentation. Personally, I learned a lot from Mr. Marti’s speech. I feel as though my horizons have been broadened.
" Hendrik Geiger - Head of Events, the Carnegie Club of St Andrews


"Javier has a probing analytical mind. He is not afraid to adopt new ideas or debunk the established ones, yet he manages to balance these qualities with purposeful actions and integrity. He brings “humanity” to intelligence." Chris K, forum


" I would highly recommend Javier's talk, it was absoulutely fascinating. There were a lot of tips around how to interact and understand people providing a lot of food for thought...." James Cook (Spider Group), Networking forum


"Javier is a gentleman and a scholar. Javier always induces others to think, evaluate ad analyze the micro & macro events of the Mobile Web & .mobi" Michael, forum member


"Thank you so much for meeting me Javier. It was really incredible to hear what you shared and you have taught me so much just from one meeting with you. I very much look forward to attending your workshop and to follow your good work." Michelle Hobbardl, relationship coach


"You don't realize how far ahead of the pack you are already." Frances, "Not only is Javier a really nice Guy, he is also a great therapist. He has been helping me improve my focus and to be less easily distracted so that I can get more work done in a day. Early days yet but it is definately working. Many thanks Javier." Robert Curwen, Reed Rock Independent Financial Advisor


"You are great to work with ... I appreciate your energy." Glenn Freeman, author "I thought I'd post up a special thanks to Javier for his talk this morning. We hand picked a topic for him which he hadn't done before, and SO glad we did.. Was absolutely fascinating! and I'm actually hoping I get to hear it again.. there was so much useful information in it! Thanks Javier.. you totally rock!!!" Adam Saunders, Neetrix Ltd


"Javier, from my heart I am so eternally grateful for your encouragement, support and wisdom through out this journey I have been on. I asked the universe for help and I could never have expected that it would come in the form of such an amazing and shiningly wonderful man...I feel truly blessed to have met have the ability to change the hearts and minds of many and this planet is a much better place because you are here." L.A. , client  



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