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In this page you will find all the information to ensure that your event is a success.

Not only will Javier deliver an engaging presentation for your public, but his ability to adapt to your needs makes working with him a straightforward, easy process. Simply let Javier know as much as possible about your event, your public and objectives and prepare to enjoy the benefits of having chosen Javier to inform, entertain or make your audience think in a different way...with excellent results.

Clients who book speaker Javier Marti benefit from a memorable, educational and motivational experience.

Javier is the master of tailoring every keynote to the client and situation.
Javier delivers practical, cutting-edge insight in a presentation style that has been described as "thought-provoking, fun and informative!".

Javier's interactive and multimedia presentations make it easy for your public to make the most out of his talk.

The Carnegie Club of St Andrews is delighted to have had the opportunity to host Mr.Javier Marti, CEO and founder of Bitcoin Global Investments, at the Entrepreneurship in the Digital Age Conference. Mr. Marti is not your typical key-note speaker. Bold and outspoken, he unflinchingly addresses political and socio-economic issues of today and relates them effortlessly to the relevancy of Bitcoin. His direct approach is interesting and engaging, captivating the audience for the full duration of his presentation. Personally, I learned a lot from Mr. Marti’s speech. I feel as though my horizons have been broadened.
Hendrik Geiger - Head of Events, the Carnegie Club of St Andrews


Javier's Pre-Program Questionnaire

Javier Marti's Pre-Program Questionnaire (PPQ) will enable Javier to tailor his presentation to the specific needs of your group. Please contact us to download the document and answer all questions as completely as possible, but feel free to skip those which would duplicate a previous answer or which might be irrelevant to your group.

Please include whatever printed information is available which you feel would help Javier understand your organization’s people, products/services and industry. Javier would rather have too much information than too little. This could include:
- new employee orientation kit
- annual report
- newsletters
- advertising, product literature & other promotional materials
- trade publications
- current articles about your industry
- newspaper or magazine articles about your organization

While the above is important but not essential, we also suggest that you provide copies of the Meeting Agenda as well as any promotional materials related to the meeting.
The purpose of this questionnaire is not to create additional work for you, but to significantly increase the value of the program for your people. Please return this information at your earliest convenience directly to Javier Marti via email.

Audio/Visual Requirements and Guidelines

Meeting the following audio visual requirements and guidelines will help to ensure a great presentation. Please have available the following equipment:
Wireless lavaliere microphone
Windows computer including Microsoft PowerPoint software and Internet connection
Flip Chart
Full house lights (if using image magnification and/or video taping, please use as much house light as possible)

Room Setup

The following suggestions are important not just for the effectiveness of my presentation, but for the overall success of the event:
The distance from the first row of seats/tables to the stage should be no more than 10 feet.
The ideal stage/riser height for audiences of up to 200 people is 6?-12?; for audiences of more than 200 people, 12?-24? in height is appropriate.
Screens not being used should be raised during Javier’s presentation if possible.
Javier is a high-energy speaker who utilizes movement to connect with his audience. This means that he likes to move from left to right across the stage and occasionally out into the audience. If possible, please take this into consideration when considering stage set and audio logistics.

One page factsheet about the event

If you are considering me to speak at your event, please send us the following information:

- Duration of the event. Dates/times. Must the speaker be available before or after the event?
- Confirmation of free entrance to event for speaker and assistant.
- Duration and format of presentations required from speakers.
- Approximate number of attendees to the event where the speaker will present.
- Multimedia facilities confirmed (Powerpoint, PC computer, screen available?)
- Payment terms and conditions for speakers / panelists. Sample contract
- Travel arrangements for speakers / panelists
- Accommodation arrangements for speakers / panelists, if required
- Promotion: where and how will this event be promoted? Please send links so that if speaker attends your event he can support your promotional efforts by linking to you in his social media channels
- Other comments relevant to your event the speaker should be aware of.

Thank you for considering me as a speaker or panelist for your event! I look forward to help you make it a very successful one.




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